Mosquito repellent pill:

It does not matter where humans have decided to live. Be in the Americas, in the rain forests of Africa or the Amazon regions, the northern latitudes of our globe, the remote islands of the South Pacific, the steaming jungles of India or the coastal zones of Australia, an insect from the family of Culicidae, also better known as MOSQUITO has been waiting for homo sapiens to inflict pain, irritation and to spread sheer terror. No insect or for that matter any tiny creature has caused greater damage than the Mosquito has done. Extremely harmful infections such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and most recently the Zika Virus are transmitted by mosquitoes, rendering it the deadliest animal family in the world. Our German inventor has devised a natural product in chewable pill form that repels mosquitoes from biting and sucking blood from people and animals.

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About M-Powers

The 2 co-founders of M-Powers LLC, Mr. Horst Vollmann and Sidney Moskin, have completed negotiations with the German inventor of several new “all natural” health products which will be marketed and distributed on an entirely exclusive basis in North America, Central and South America as well as other countries around the globe. Mr. Vollmann and Mr. Moskin have spent the better part of one year to bring these exceptional products to an expectant audience that has not yet seen natural and organic products of this unique caliber and exciting promise. Nothing that populates the market place making similar claims can ever stand up to the class and true assertion of these world-class and breakthrough products. The call for all-natural applications and a move away from pharmaceutical remedies is assuming ever-increasing urgency. This call has been heard by this ingenious German inventor who for more than 30 years has believed in the healing power of nature and in the course of his splendid career has formulated more than 3,000 products. There is a small and precious number among his inventions that transcend any and all products he has created. It is these products Mr. Moskin and Mr. Vollmann are ready to introduce to the market place.

Other Products:

Cell renewal pill:

The German inventor has been working on an incredible product whose major impact has to do with cell regeneration. This is a purely biological compound with close to 60 various natural ingredients that has been tested with astounding results. Some of the most outstanding features are a life extension that can reach up to 15 years. The attendant effects are an across the board rejuvenation, regaining lost muscle mass, noticeable skin improvements, a spike in energy, in essence it is comparable with a jump into the proverbial fountain of youth. Women and men in equal measure will want to use this product which when taken over a long period of time will greatly reduce the ravaging adverse consequences of aging.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) pill:

In an era of pharmaceutical drug dependency it was only a matter of time before erectile dysfunction was becoming a wide-spread lamentable condition for aging men. Interactions of medical drugs and the pressures of our modern societies caused a progression from reduced libido to an outright erectile dysfunction. An increasing number of men, even in their middle age years became affected. Currently, there are 30 million ED sufferers in the U.S. alone and the numbers are ominously growing. When the pharmaceutical industry in the late 90’s had come up with Viagra and Cialis there was a collective gasp of excitement among the male population worldwide. Of course, the initial excitement was followed by a sobering recognition. Aside from the high cost of these remedies there are a number of very unpleasant side effects that keep many men from using these pills. There is now a whole industry that offers so-called miracle pills based on natural ingredients that allegedly mimic the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical products. There is simply no such product on the market that can be trusted to deliver what it promises. There is, however, an exception. Our German inventor has formulated a product that does deliver on the elusive promise. Tests have shown stunning results and a prestigious U.S. laboratory has found no chemicals in our product that will dramatically improve the reputation of “all natural” elixirs.